Atlas Copco Concrete Equipment (Concrete Vibrators)

Atlas Copco Concrete Equipment

Atlas Copco Concrete Equipment

We are an officially distributor of concrete equipment and tools of Atlas Copco.

Atlas Copco Concrete Equipment

Concrete Poker

ATLAS COPCO Atlas Copco has all five concrete pokers, categorized by different energy-powered motors.
Such as compressed air and fuel-driven engines.

Vibration is generated from the vibration of the cam shaft. Or pendulum shafts It vibrates at 12,000 vpm, which is the optimum speed for vibrating concrete.

Atlas Copco concrete pavers are 5 types.

1. Electronic Concrete Vibrators

Plug in, poke on and get it done: electronic pokers

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Technical specifications SMART range

Model Smart 40 Smart 48 Smart 56 Smart 65
Tube diameter mm 40 48 56 65
Tube length mm 320 350 380 410
Hose length m 5 5 5 5
Cable length m 15 15 15 15
Frequency vpm 12,000 12,000 12,000 12,000
Converter dimensions LxWxH mm 300x100x80 300x100x80 300x100x80 300x100x80
Vibration value m/s² 3.81 2.47 5.87 4.62
Noise level dB(A) 75 80 83 88
Part number 230V-1-50/60Hz 4812 0521 50 4812 0521 51 4812 0521 52 4812 0521 53

2. High Cycle

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3. Mechanical Concrete Vibrators

Constant high vibration for reliable and effective performance

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4. High Frequency Concrete Vibrators

Two models for thin concrete layers and for low to high slump concrete

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Technical specifications

Voltage V-Hz 230V-1-50/60 Hz
Power kW 0.6
Rated consumption A 2.7
Frequency rpm 3,000
Weight kg 1.9
Vibration value m/s² 1.72
Noise level LpA (dB) 82
LwA (dB) 93
Part number 4812 0508 72

5. Pneumatic Concrete Vibrators

With a compressor at the jobsite, a pneumatic vibration solution is both economic and efficient

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The choice of concrete vibrator. Use the following steps to determine the appropriate tool for use.

– Choose the required energy sources for electricity, wind and fuel.

The electricity is the lowest cost. Wind power (pneumatic) requires an air compressor. And fuel power (gasoline) suitable for places without electricity.

The usage of the site should be understood in terms of size, shape, transport, duration, and type.

– The collapsing tool adjuster according to the required collapsing value.

– Consider investing with work costs.

Remove air

Vibration helps you remove the air voids from freshly poured concrete


Vibration increases the density and makes the finished concrete stronger


We offer a portfolio for different depths and concrete slumps as well as energy sources