Cellular Concrete Band Saw COPKO for construction blocks

Cellular Concrete Band Saw COPKO

Cellular Concrete Band Saw

Both cellular concrete band saw and wood band saw are specially designed for their particular purposes in order to perform the best quality work possible.

These Band Saw are used world-wide in construction or building industry (CSB401) and furniture industry (MSB401). The works could not be easier without them.

Cellular concrete band saw and wood band saw are equipped with easy to use equipments and a lot of safety gears to ensure time saving and maintain safety of the machine’s operator at the same time.

All of the parts of these Band Saw have been selected only the top quality piece of materials for a long lasting use. We believe that if you give these Band Saw a try, they will satisfy you.

Table of the Band Saw is made to be moved very smoothly using a hydraulic piston rod underneath it. The operator of the Band Saw needs to put only a little force to push and pull the table forward and backward. When it comes to transport the machine, the table can be titled to ensure space saving and to make the transportation easy.

The Band Saw machine can be set to stop running when each cutting is finished for safety purpose. When saw band wheel cover is opened, the machine is also automatically stopped. The Cellular concrete band saw and wood band saw are made to offer you safety and comfort to your work.

SPECIFICATION Cellular Concrete Band Saw Wood Band Saw
Material to be cut Aerated concrete Wood
Cutting height 400 mm. 400 mm
Cutting length 700 mm. 700 mm.
Cutting width 490 mm. 490 mm.
Motor output 1.5 kw 1.5 kw
Power consumption
220V. AC 8.5 A 8.5 A
220/ 380 V. three phase 5.64/3.2 A 5.64/3.2 A
Total weight 180 kg 180 kg
Saw table width 710 mm. 710 mm.
Saw table length 960 mm. 960 mm.
Saw-roll diameter 500 mm. 500 mm.
Beam/Saw-belt passage 490 mm. 490 mm.
Length 1140 mm. 1140 mm.
Width 1050 mm. 1050 mm.
Height 1720 mm. 1720 mm.
Saw band speed 230 rpm. 440/780 rpm.