Wacker Neuson Centrifugal Trash Pump MDP3


Cheap and durable sewage pumps. Suitable for construction and many other tasks.
Muddy water, gritty or sandy water up to 2.5 cm
Compact, easy to use home based housing.
The impeller closure can be easily opened for jamming.
Silicon carbide coated seal Strong durable long life.
Diameter of suction pipe – 3 inches
Up to 1,150 liters per minute
Delivery distance 20 meters
7 meter depth
9-hp gasoline engine Wacker Neuson WN9
6.5 liter fuel tank
Continuous operation 2.5 hours per oil tank.

L x W x H 688 × 528 × 572 mm
Diameter (suction and discharge) 80 mm
Operating weight (fuel tank half full) 67 kg
Shipping weight (including packaging) 68
Operating data
Discharge Head  20 m
Discharge capacity  1,150 l/min
Suction height 7 m
Solids diameter  25.4 mm
Engine / Motor 
Engine / Motor type Air cooled, 4-stroke, single cylinder
Engine / Motor manufacturer WN9 Wacker Neuson
Displacement 270 cm³
RPM / speed 3,600 rpm
Power (max.) 5.8 kW
Tank capacity (fuel) 6.5 l
Runtime 2.5 h