Wacker Neuson Four-cycle Benzine Rammer BS60-4s


The Wacker Neuson 4-stroke slab is compact and high performance. Designed for compacting clay, clay and granite clay. In limited space

Technical information

Subaru 4-stroke petrol engine with a maximum output of 3.2 horsepower (2.38 kW).
Body Weight 71 kg.
Plate width 280 x 337 mm, made of cast iron and one sheet thick.
Stroke 69 mm.
16 kN or 1.6 tons strike rate 680 times per minute
The working speed is 8.8 meters per minute or covers an area of ​​148 square meters per hour.
3 liter fuel tank
1.2 liter fuel consumption per hour
Sensors cut off the engine while the engine oil runs out to prevent engine damage.

Operating data BS 60-4s
Operating weight  kg 71
Ramming shoe size (WxL)  mm 280 x 336
L x W x H  mm 673 x 343 x 965
Stroke at the ramming shoe mm 68
Percussion rate max. blows/min 680
Operating speed Travel Speed m/min 8.5
Surface capacity Compaction m²/h 143
Solids diameter 25.4 mm
Operating data BS 60-4s
Engine / Motor type WM 100
Engine / Motor manufacturer Wacker Neuson
Engine / Motor air-cooled single-cylinder four-cycle gasoline engine
Displacement  cm³ 97
Operating performance Max rated power – SAE J1995 kW 2.4
at rpm  rpm 4,200
Fuel consumption  l/h 1.2
Tank capacity (fuel) l 3