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COPKO Stirrup Bending Machine (Hydraulic System) Share

stirrup bending machine
(COPKO Stirrup Bar Benders)

VDO COPKO Stirrup Bar Bender #1 [TESTING]



COPKO stirrup bending machine

- operate by hydraulic system from Italy, Misubishi Motor from Japan, and Blade from Germany.

- Solenoid Valves Technology results in accury of bending degree.

- used for bending or folding stirrups in any dimension and from 6 up to 16mm rebar.

- used 1.5 second per bending stroke.

- high productivity up to 600 stirrups per hour.

- has large strong bend arm with roller and socket.

- lightweight bend control lever with wheels for easy transportation.

- available with single phase 220V systems.

- 1.5 Kw motor with protection devices to prevent damage to the motor in the event of power or phase failure.

  stirrup bar   stirrup bar

- Additional equipment with 3 Stoppers helps to adjust the length of rebar which is more convenient to users.


Stirrup Bar Bender SKB-16 has capable of bending rebars at the same time as follow:

Ø 16 mm.        can bend          1 rebar (SD50)

Ø 12 mm.        can bend          1 rebars (SD50)

Ø  9 mm.         can bend          2 rebars (SD50)

Ø  6 mm.         can bend          6 rebars (SD50)


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