COPKO Machine Roller



COPKO Machine Roller  (Cargo trolley/ Skate Dolly)

Heavy machinery and household appliances transport convenient and safe

Front: COPKO Machine Moving Machine
Front: COPKO Machine Moving Machine
Back: COPKO Machine Moving Machine
Back: COPKO Machine Moving Machine

Machine Roller is purposed for move heavy weights inside the workshop premise of at the site having strong hard covering. Used in case, when available crane equipment cannot prove required relocation of weight.

Maintenance-free design, easy to use, compact size, easy to store

The platform working site is mounted onto the loose bearing and can turn for 360 degrees to provide convenience at weight transportation.

Steel wheel suitable for cement ground running, with large carrying capacity

PU wheel suitable for floors such as floor tiles to better protect the ground from oil contamination and decreases mechanical impact onto the floor covering. PU is durable and do little harm to the work place


Snap ring fixing rods for easy removal.

To provide safety of works and in order to avoid filling up of the weight, it is recommended to use not less than three platforms simultaneously (three support points in different places) at moving of the weight.

Do not overload, please slow down slowly, do not work on uneven ground, watch carefully to prevent the tank car from falling down from the weight

Do not work on slopes, and do not carry heavy loads with unstable center of gravity. Do not use full load

Machine roller/ cargo trolley/roller skids are designed to be easily set underneath the load to facilitate the transport of heavy machinery and equipment.

The rollers reduce the drag forces that result from skidding the load across a surface, resulting in a smooth and efficient movement. The rollers are attached to a high-strength frame — the thickness of the steel determines the load capacity of the machine-moving rollers.

Our cargo trolleys can serve multiple purposes in a wide variety of industries. Examples include transporting heavy castings and machines around an industrial complex, as well as conveying equipment at electrical power stations. They can also carry large structural pieces at a job site.

Additionally, the aerospace industry can utilize heavy equipment rollers to transport the bulky yet delicate parts and components used in many aircraft manufacturing processes. Even hospitals and other healthcare facilities can benefit from rollers for safely moving fragile equipment.

Utilizing heavy equipment rollers can benefit your company in many ways. Because they facilitate the process of moving loads, rollers will reduce the risk of damage to machinery and goods. This will lower your equipment maintenance and replacement costs and minimize unproductive downtime.

They also make machines easier to move, which will reduce workplace injuries that lead to time lost from the job and costly workers’ compensation claims. 

Roller skids can also be a big time-saver. Your employees can roll heavy machinery across a floor much faster than when dragging, pushing or pulling. You’ll find that your workers will be able to get more work done in less time, resulting in a noticeable increase in productivity.

– 6 castors made of steel.
– Strong The high turn table (360 ° rotation) makes it easy to use.
– Height from the floor 110 mm.
– Wheel size 80 x 75 mm.
– Diameter rotating. 150 mm.
– Weight 29 kg.