Wacker Neuson Four-cycle Benzine Rammer BS60-4s


Wacker Neuson Four-cycle Benzine Rammer BS60-4s

Wacker Neuson เครื่องตบกระโดดเครื่องยนต์เบนซิน

Operating dataBS 60-4s
Operating weight  kg71
Ramming shoe size (WxL)  (mm)280 x 336
L x W x H  mm673 x 343 x 965
Stroke at the ramming shoe (mm)68
Percussion rate max. blows/min680
Operating speed Travel Speed m/min8.5
Surface capacity Compaction m²/h143
Solids diameter25.4 mm
Engine MotorBS 60-4s
Engine / Motor typeWM 100
Engine / Motor manufacturerWacker Neuson
Engine / Motorair-cooled single-cylinder four-cycle gasoline engine
Displacement  cm³97
Operating performance Max rated power – SAE J1995 kW2.4
at rpm  rpm4,200
Fuel consumption  l/h1.2
Tank capacity (fuel) l3

BS50-2 BS60-2 – Two-cycle rammers

wacker neuson rammer 2 stroke
wacker neuson rammer 2 stroke

wacker neuson rammer 2 stroke

Wacker Neuson rammers have long been accepted as the standard setters in the construction industry. They have been developed for maximum productivity, performance and durability. They are powered by the exclusive WM 80 engine, designed and built by Wacker Neuson. Thanks to its catalytic converter the emissions fall significantly below the air emission standards. Automatic shutoff feature will shut down the engine if left idling for 10 minutes, providing additional fuel and emission savings.
  • Easy start-up: Reliable starting in idle with automatic choke thanks to the vented carburetor.
  • Strong performance: High percussion rate, powerful stroke, high stroke energy, fast advance travel
  • Three-stage air filtration system with cyclone prefilter: High capacity, long durability, easy maintenance access
  • Compact design offers easy operation, especially in trenches
  • Typical for a two stroker: Fully functional at every angle


The Wacker Neuson 4-stroke slab is compact and high performance. Designed for compacting clay, clay and granite clay. In limited space

Operating dataBS50-2BS60-2
Operating weight  kg5866
Ramming shoe size (WxL)  (mm)250 x 330280 x 330
L x W x H  mm673 x 343 x 940673 x 343 x 965
Stroke at the ramming shoe (mm)64.380
Percussion rate max. blows/min700700
Operating speed Travel Speed m/min9.59.8
Surface capacity Compaction m²/h142.5164.6
Engine MotorBS50-2BS60-2
Engine / Motor typeWM 80WM 80
Engine / Motor manufacturerWacker NeusonWacker Neuson
Engine / Motorair-cooled single-cylinder two-cycle gasoline engineair-cooled single-cylinder two-cycle gasoline engine
Displacement  cm³8080
Gasoline / oil mixture 100:1100:1
at rpm  rpm4,4004,400
Fuel consumption  l/h11.2
Tank capacity (fuel) l33
CO2 (NRSC) ** g/kWh 1,113 1,113
*Ramming shoes available in a range of widths.**Determined value of the CO2 emission during engine certification without consideration of the application on the machine.

DS70 – The expert for extreme compaction jobs

wacker neuson diesel rammer
wacker neuson diesel rammer

Wacker Neuson’s diesel rammer completes your diesel fleet. The DS70 is a well-balanced machine with low CO emissions and compact dimensions. It is ideally suited for the compaction of cohesive, mixed and granular soils.

  • The diesel engine is the most environmentally friendly rammer engine available, which makes it the perfect choice for compaction jobs in poorly ventilated trenches.
  • The noise reducing cover lowers the amount of engine and shoe noise transmitted to the operator.
  • The large capacity and corrosion-proof fuel tank is equipped with a self cleaning in-tank filter. That means long service life and minimum maintenance.
  • For added operator convenience, a single lever controls start-up, speed and engine shut-off.
  • The highly engineered built-in shock mount system of the guide handle reduces hand-arm vibration (HAV) and thus improves user comfort.


Operating dataDS70
Operating weight  kg83
Ramming shoe size (WxL)  (mm)330 x 340 mm
L x W x H  mm740 x 370 x 1000 mm 
Stroke at the ramming shoe (mm)75
Percussion rate max. blows/min667 blows/min
Operating speed Travel Speed m/min8.8 m/min 
Surface capacity Compaction m²/h174 m²/h
Centrifugal force21 kN
Engine MotorDS70
Engine / Motor typeL 48
Engine / Motor manufacturerYanmar
Engine / Motorair-cooled single-cylinder diesel engine
Displacement  cm³ 211 cm³
Operating performance (SAE J1349)2.8 kW
at rpm  rpm3,450 rpm
Fuel consumption  l/h0.9 l/h
Tank capacity (fuel) l 4.2 l

AS50e – Battery rammer

wacker neuson battery rammer
wacker neuson battery rammer
Both the environment and the operator are protected during compaction work with the battery-powered rammer AS50e. Due to the entirely emission-free working principle, work can easily be carried out in poorly ventilated trench applications or in sensitive vicinities. Thanks to a parallel guidance specifically developed for the rammer, the entire handle area of the battery-powered rammer AS50e is vibration-decoupled with low hand-arm vibrations (HAV) for the operator.
  • 100% emission-free work
  • 55% lower operating costs than with gasoline vibratory rammers
  • Same compaction performance as comparable gasoline-powered rammers
  • Low hand-arm vibrations (HAV) thanks to the parallel guidance of the handle
  • Maintenance-free electric motor that is started at the push of a button

Operating dataAS50e
Operating weight  (kg)70.4
Weight without battery (WxL)  (mm)61 kg
Ramming shoe size 280 x 340 mm
LL x W x H  mm610 x 361 x 1,050 mm
Percussion rate max. blows/min680 blows/min
Battery run time0.5h
Range per battery charge270 m
Impact force16 kN
Engine MotorAS50e
Engine / Motor typeAsynchronous engine
Engine / Motor manufacturerWacker Neuson
Rated performance2.1 kW
Rated current41 A
Rated voltage51 V
Type of batteryLi-Ion
Weight9.4 kg
L x W x H220 x 290 x 194 mm
Energy content1,008 Wh