COPKO Shearing Machine Model 4S/8R

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COPKO Shearing Machine Model 4S/8R

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Model 4S/8R Plate & Steel Shears is ideal for the medium size workshop due to its efficient and versatile users.

  • Being easily transportable, this model can also be used at site.
  • The body is formed from a single piece of SM steel plate.
  • Perfect passage of plate with uniform cutting clearance along the entire length of the blade gives reliable cuts free of burrs.
  • Changing of blade simple and faster by loosening of two screws.
  • The footplates are reinforced with bracing angles so that they give firm stability to the shear.

Subject to design alterations for improvement.
This shearing machine is equipped with a well design and accurately machined forged toothed lever drive power transmission, adjustable shearing part, vertical hold-down adjustable to any desired thickness of materials to be cut and lever retaining spring which is in conformity with safety requirements.

กรรไกรตัดเหล็กแผ่น เหล็กแบน 4S/8R

Model 4S/8R
 Tensile Strength of 45 kp/mm2
 SHEETS 8 mm. 5/16 inch
FLAT 100 x 10 mm. 4 x 3/8 mm.
 ROUND 22 mm. 7/8 inch
SQUARE 18 mm. 23/32 inch
Blade Length 200 mm. 8 inch
Net Weight 40 kgs.