COPKO Shearing Machine Model 5S/8R


COPKO Shearing Machine Model 5S/8R

COPKO Shearing Machine Model 5S/8R
COPKO Shearing Machine Model 5S/8R

Model 5S/8R Plate & Bar and section Shear is an economical, efficient and reliable piece of equipment in a workshop engage in the field of civil engineering construction and fabrication in particular.

  • The machine body, constructed from open-hearth SM steel plates, is neither formed nor riveted but electrically welded together to make it a sturdy stable unit capable to withstand highest stresses due to heavy duty usage.
  • The footplates are reinforced with bracing angles so that they give firm stability to the shear.
  • The slide securing the blade is milled from a solid SM steel plate.
  • Horizontal swiveling down-holder adjustable to any desired thickness of materials to be cut.
  • Down holder for sections adjustable to each size of section.
  • The machine is provided with section knives with sliding blades which can be adjusted by hand to make 90 cuts on angels and T-sections of different sizes as well as with openings for cutting round and square bars.
  • The shear knives can be changed by loosening two screws each.
  • The section knives are designed as insert knives. To change them, only four screws have to be removed to pull the blades easily out of the machine body.

Subject to design alterations for improvement.
This shearing machine is equipped with a rack and pinion drive which is made of forged steel and accurately machined. Transmission of power to the slide is made by means of drive bars. The drive bars have two holes. The connecting bolt between bars and slide can be reversed so that the rear hole can be used for heavy materials and the front hole of light materials. A lever retaining spring to prevent the hand lever from falling and holding it safe in any position is provided.

ModelModel 5S/8RModel 5S/10R
Tensile Strength of
45 kp/mm245 kp/mm2
Tensile Strength of
8 mm.10 mm.
80 x 12 mm.90 x 14 mm.
20 mm.22 mm.
18 mm.22 mm.
Ls Rectangular cut in 1 operation
50 x 6 mm.60 x 7 mm.
Ts Rectangular cut in 1 operation
50 x 6 mm.60 x 7 mm.
Blade Length
175 mm.175 mm.
Net Weight
82 kgs.106 kgs.