Slotted Angle Cutter COPKO for making shelf



COPKO Slotted Angle Cutter

  Slotted Angle Cutter  Slotted Angle Cutter

     Slotted Angle Cutter    Slotted Angle Cutter

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 COPKO (Slotted Angle Cutter)

COPKO is a well-known manufacturere and exporter of slotted angle cutter. We export slotted angle cutter to more than 10 countries around the world. Copko slotted angle cutter is used to cut slotted angle for making shelf.

This angle cutter can be easily used by only one person. With robust heavy duty body, our slotted angle cutter can cut slotted angle and any other steel angle up to 3″W up to 45°, 1-1/2″D, with maximum thickness of 1/8″. It has lightweight, movable, and can be used instead of hacksaw.

COPKO slotted angle cutter can easily cut angle steel into small pieces.

It’s durable, easy to use, cheap, save time & cost, reduce human effort required, and has a good clean cut.

Slotted Angle Cutter Colours: GREEN & RED

   Slotted Angle Cutter                                         Slotted Angle Cutter

Slotted Angle Cutter Slotted Angle Cutter

Slotted Angle Cutter : RED                                Slotted Angle Cutter : GREEN