COPKO Band Saw Blade (SANDVIK) Wood Cutting


COPKO Band Saw Blade SANDVIK (Sweden)

Good quality, long lasting.

Band Saw Blade
COPKO Band Saw Blade
  • COPKO is importer and distributor of Band Saw Blade SANDVIK.
  • Used for cutting wood, HDPE pipes, plastic cutting, sawing foam, frozen meat, frozen foods and many more.
  • COPKO band saw blade has high strength and toughness. This reduces the risk of fracture.
  • Our band saw blade has flat surface, smooth and easy to connect.
  • The advantages of using our band saw blade is it can produce a lot and has long life.
  • They are suitable for wood processing plants and furniture factory.
  • Our blade also retains the sharpness for a long time and resistant to cracking
  • Sawing with saw blades saves costs on raw material costs and save electricity as well.
  • In addition, we always have band saw blade in stock. Therefore, the TPI can be selected and cut to the desired length.
  • Band saw blades are designed to have the same wear and tear after use.
Band Saw Blade
Band Saw Blade

SANDVIK band saw blades are available in the following sizes.

Saw blade
Saw blade (mm)
Number of teeth / inch
Saw blade 1/4″0.66T
Saw blade 3/8″0.64T, 5T, ไม่มีฟัน
Saw blade  1/2″0.64T, 5T, ไม่มีฟัน
Saw blade 5/8″0.64T, 5T, ไม่มีฟัน
Saw blade 3/4″0.74T, 5T, ไม่มีฟัน
Saw blade 1″0.73T,4T, 5T,ไม่มีฟัน
Saw blade 1 1/4″0.74T, 5T, ไม่มีฟัน
Saw blade 1 1/2″0.83T4T , ไม่มีฟัน 5T/2
Saw blade 1 3/4″0.84T
Saw blade 2″0.94T,5T/2″
Saw blade 3″1.04T,5T/2″

Note: The choice of type of belt saw blade should be taken into consideration.
Length, width, thickness, tooth shape, distance and angle of tooth saw blade.