COPKO Heavy Duty Drop Forged Steel Bench Vice



COPKO Bench Vice

Heavy Duty Drop-Forged Steel Mechanics Vice (Unbreakable)

***Guaranteed against breaking***

COPKO Bench Vice

Bench vices (Drop-forged steel)

COPKO Bench Vices are equipment obtained from the highest technology of drop-forged steel. COPKO Bench Vices offer excellent quality and can be guaranteed of trustworthiness, stamina and indestructibility.

On account of V-shape designed guide track which thoroughly machined and drop-forged, COPKO Bench Vices are more robust, durable and accurate than any other cast-ironed bench vices that are easy to break. This also applies when working on delicate job. In addition, the guide track is designed to protect from dirt and filthiness. The centrally located nut on COPKO Bench Vices is adjustable on the purpose of easiness while performing job.

Another special property provided by COPKO Bench Vices is thread; double-action trapezoid thread is used. This type of thread allows better grip than general Bench Vices with single thread. Moreover, double-action trapezoid thread helps spindle key to spin faster and open-close quicker for clamping jaw which results in a double-time reduction.

Furthermore, hardened pipe-gripping jaw is drop-forged integrated with COPKO Bench Vice’s body as a whole.

  COPKO Bench Vice      COPKO Bench Vice

Pic: COPKO drop forged machanic vices

COPKO Bench Vice’s spindle key held with ring is made of steel which introduced safety for users.

A unique-designed anvil is integrated to COPKO Bench Vice’s rear jaw.

Unbreakable lifetime warranty!

COPKO Bench Vice   COPKO Bench Vice

COPKO Bench Vice (Front View)                 COPKO Bench Vice (Side View)

5 inch
6 inches
Mouth width
135 mm.
150 mm.
5 3/8 inch
6 inch
Open mouth
150 mm. 205 mm.
6 inch8 inch
Mouth depth 80 mm.90 mm.
3 inch3 1/2 inch
Clamps Pipes
27 – 70 mm. 27 – 100 mm.
Anvil Face
70 x 65 mm.70 x 90 mm.
 2 3/4 x 2 1/2 inch 2 3/4 x 3 1/2 inch
Approx. weight
16 kgs.24 kgs.
Swivel Base
 20 kgs.32 kgs.