Electric Rebar Benders RB-25


Electric Rebar Benders RB-25

Portable rebar bender is widely used in construction engineering for bending rebar, steel bar, steel rod etc.

Electric Rebar Benders RB-25
Electric Rebar Benders RB-25
Product Description
1.It can preset angle locks for repeating the same angle bend.
2.The two slide-type angle selectors can be set to accurately bend any angle 0-180 degrees.
3.Two standard feet pedal control switches for hands-free bending.
  • This portable rebar bender comes with a copper coil motor, running quietly (low noise) and is only on while bending is in progress, preventing unnecessary wear. Besides, a copper motor can extend this rebar bender’s operating life to a large extent. Power Supply: 1600 W/14 A.
  • This portable rebar bender can offer excellent performance, helping save valuable person-hours by bending rebar up to #8/25 mm grade 60 from 0-180 degrees within only 5 seconds.
  • This electric rebar bender features two slide-type angle selectors, which can help you to bend any angle from 0-180 degrees accurately. Preset angle locks for repeating the same angle bending.
  • With four handles on the corner, you can transport and operate effortlessly, and two foot pedal control switch for your easy hand-free bending.
  • This heavy-duty electric rebar bender is widely used in construction engineering for bending rebar, steel bar, steel rod, etc.

Matching of different wheel RB-25

Rebar specification
Fixed idler wheelFixed idler wheelContemporary bending capacity
Ø22- Ø25
Ø78Ø941 pcs
Ø16- Ø20Ø78Ø941-2 pcs
Ø10- Ø13Ø78Ø944-5 pcs
Ø6- Ø13moduleØ943-6 pcs

Main Parameters

Electric Rebar Benders RB-25
Voltage +- 5%
Net weight91 KGS
Bending speed5-6s
Max rebar diameter25 mm.
Min rebar diameter6 mm.
Machine size450*500*440 mm
Electric Rebar Benders RB-25
Electric Rebar Benders RB-25
Electric Rebar Benders RB-25
Electric Rebar Benders RB-25

Using methods

  1. When the power line connection to the 110V/220V power source and the power indicator light shone on namely mean of the machine operation preparation finishes may go on the normal work
  2. The fixed idler wheel, the move idler wheel and the steel bar adjustment block’s spacing needs to make the corresponding adjustment according to the specification of the steel bar.
  3. The foot switch connection to point 1,2 will make more convenient to go on work.
  4. Adjust the angle that you need by through move Left or right, after angle adjustment is set accurately, assure that angle setting handle is fixed.
  5. The operator must stand outside of the rebar bender operation’s direction
  6. When press the starting switch or the foot switch will bend the rebar to the angle which you have set
  7. When you find some abnormal during the operation you must press down emergency stopped to closes down the machine’operation
  8. Sure to remember, when bending processing, the angle of point 1 must be bigger than point 2, otherwise the machine cannot the normal operation.

Operate process

  1. Please connect the power wire to 110V/220V electric and see the indicator light lights up. It means the bender is ready to work.
  2. Please choose the correct size fixed idler wheel and correct size idler wheel according to the rebar diameter.
  3. Please connect pedal switches with 1 point and 2 point hole tightly
  4. The 1 point angle setting adjuster is for setting the foot switch connecting with 1 point hole. For example to bend 180 degree by foot switch 1, you set the angle 180 degree by the 1 point adjuster, then you touch the foot switch 1 to bend the rebar 1800 degree.
  5. The 2 point angle setting adjuster is for setting the foot switch connecting with  2 point hole. For example to bend 90 degree by foot switch 2, you set the angle 90 degree by the 2 point adjuster, then you touch the foot switch 2 to bend the rebar 90 degree.
  6. Please note the angle setting of “1point” must be bigger than the “2 point”, or the machine can’t work. Please see the below two pictures.
  7. Fix the angle adjuster by moving to left and right accordingly.
  8. Operator should work on the outside of the rebar’s bending direction
  9. Rebar will be bent to set angle when pressing the start switch or pedal switch.