Electric Portable Rebar Bender Straightener

Electric Portable Rebar Bender Straightener

The DBR-25WH is a portable heavy-duty electric/hydraulic rebar bender and straightener.

It helps save valuable man-hours by cleanly and efficiently bending or straightening bent rebar. It functions as a simple 90-degree portable electric rebar bender. The interchangeable bending hook covers rebar diameters from #4 to #8 grade 60. Maximum pressure for bending and straightening ranges from 8.5 to 11 tons.

It’s portable and versatile enough to bend or straighten rebar in-place with its push/pull hydraulic capabilities. It will bend a 90-degree angle in only 4 seconds. The bending head also rotates 360 degrees.

Ships complete in a wooden carrying case with hydraulic oil, a tool kit and two additional bending dies.

This tool solves bending applications other tools can’t even attempt.

  • Two types of tools in one device
  • Can be used to stretch the iron that can be bent and used as a general steel bending machine as well.
  • It supports the tensile strength of 490 N / MM2, steel size up to 32 mm, suitable for fixing the bending error
  • Can be straightened back to be able to be used with work on the high ground because the machine is small
  • Can be moved easily into the electrical system
  • Can be used with general electrical 220 volts.
  • Products assembled in Japan with every spare

Check the oil level.
Check that the power source is appropriate to the rebar straightener.

CARE- If voltage is too high, the motor will burn out, if voltage is too low, insufficient power will be generated.
Check that the power supply is properly earthed.

CAUTION- Failure to properly earth the power supply may result in a shock to the operator.
Check that the cord is undamaged and that the plug is not loose.

CAUTION- Cut or abraded covering could result in a short and electric shock to the operator.
Before plugging the tool in, make sure that the switch lock is off.

If an extension cord is to be used, make sure that it is undamaged and that it is the proper thickness for the length. See table below.

Before plugging the tool in, make sure that the switch lock is off.

CAUTION- If switch lock is ON; the rebar straightener will start as soon as it is plugged in. To disengage lock,
pull the trigger switch, the lock button will pop out.

In cold weather, warm up the unit for 30-60 seconds so that the hydraulic oil will reach the proper viscosity.
Pull the trigger switch to extend the piston and release when it has reached its full stroke. Repeat this action 3-5 times.

1. Do not cover air vents.
2. CARE- If vents are covered, the motor will overheat and may burn out.
3. If hydraulic oil exceeds 70*C, (158*F) the power will
drop. Allow the unit to cool before resuming operation. (Be particularly careful in summer, when the aluminum pumpcase heats up quicker.
4. If a drop in power is observed and motor is unusually hot, check the carbon brushes.

As rebar straightener is hydraulically operated, the oil level must be checked at frequent intervals, preferably everyday. Failure to maintain the oil at proper levels will result in a drop in pressure and loss of the benders hydraulic power.