Horizontal Press (Hydraulic)


Flat Electric Bending Machine (Hydraulic)

Sell and repair all steel bending machine.

Flat Steel Bending Machine Hydraulic

Video # 1 The operation of bending machine, steel flat iron, hydraulic system

Electric flat iron (Hydraulic system)
Cutting steel thickness up to 10 mm.

Bending machine Special features are:

Hydraulic bending machine, rugged, lightweight, easy to move.
Even the hydraulic bending machine. It is compact. But the power to push horizontal to 10 tons.
Can be mild steel to 15 mm thick width 100 mm (15X100 mm).
Bending steel by pressing iron into dies (mold)
Bending machine Have the power to choose according to your needs. Electric type 220V and 380V (2 phase and 3 phase)
1 year warranty
After-sales service by skilled technicians. Quick Repair Service With spare parts.
Weight: kg