COPKO Spiral Rebar Bending Machine


COPKO bending machine
Sale or rental of steel bending machine COPKO

COPKO bending round bending machine 32 mm. Video
# 1 Demonstration COPKO bending machine

“COPKO electric circular boring machine (hydraulic system) Used for round bars. Rebar is a circular arc. For bridge, civil engineering, subway and piling works “

COPKO bending round bending machine 32 mm.

COPKO hydraulic bending machine with hydraulic bending.

– COPKO Circular steel bending machine can be bent steel. Or a circle from 6-32 mm at SD50 hardness.

– 380V 3 phase power 5 motors

– 3 rollers can be adjusted to adjust the distance. Including a large special roll in the middle.

– Can bend steel to 360 degrees.

– The diameter of the circular iron is about 200 mm, depending on the size of the steel. And maximum size is unlimited.

– High strength bending steel quickly. Silent walker No noise

– The steel bending machine is easy to use.

– Easy to move wheels. Can be moved to the site in various places.

– Have a start button. And emergency stop For safety in use.

– COPKO 1-year circular bending machine.