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Types and Differences of Rebar

Reinforced Steel Bar, sometimes referred to as reinforced steel. The most consumed steel rod product.

Used in force For reinforced concrete and general brickwork, there are two types of steel bars are round. And deformed bars.

The smooth round steel has a tensile strength of 2400 ksc. The smooth steel surface.

Therefore, the bond between the steel and. Concrete is not good, so it must be bent to be able to force effectively.

The appearance of a good round bar must be smooth, smooth, round face, no round crack, no wings, no deformation, no wave.

Rebar is a round bar with bars and may have the fins of the steel bar will look across the line. To strengthen the adhesion of steel.

More concrete, there are many different types of steel mixture. It has different chemical compositions such as SD30, SD40, SD50

The tensile strength is not less than 3000, 4000, 5000 ksc, which means that the deformed steel is stronger than the smooth round steel.

And it will give you better weight. The choice of SD30, SD40, and SD50 type deformed bars depends on the type of structure.

Characteristics of deformed steel Must have equal spacing and uniformity throughout the line. No rust marks No rupture and rupture

Deformed bar cut with electric iron cutter

At present, the construction of steel bars are more deformed than round bars. Because of higher quality. The tensile strength at the point. And concrete adhesion.

In addition, the SD50 and SD40 are also higher than the SD30.

Because of the construction, proper use of materials avoids the collapse of the building.

Failure of construction and can withstand Earthquake Therefore, the use of quality steel will be advantageous.

Spending a lot of money on reconstruction in the later stages when buildings collapse.