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Types and Differences of Rebar

Reinforced Steel Bar, sometimes referred to as reinforced steel. The most consumed steel rod product.

Used in force For reinforced concrete and general brickwork, there are two types of steel bars are round. And deformed bars.

The smooth round steel has a tensile strength of 2400 ksc. The smooth steel surface.

Therefore, the bond between the steel and. Concrete is not good, so it must be bent to be able to force effectively.

The appearance of a good round bar must be smooth, smooth, round face, no round crack, no wings, no deformation, no wave.

Rebar is a round bar with bars and may have the fins of the steel bar will look across the line. To strengthen the adhesion of steel.

More concrete, there are many different types of steel mixture. It has different chemical compositions such as SD30, SD40, SD50

The tensile strength is not less than 3000, 4000, 5000 ksc, which means that the deformed steel is stronger than the smooth round steel.

And it will give you better weight. The choice of SD30, SD40, and SD50 type deformed bars depends on the type of structure.

Characteristics of deformed steel Must have equal spacing and uniformity throughout the line. No rust marks No rupture and rupture

Deformed bar cut with electric iron cutter

At present, the construction of steel bars are more deformed than round bars. Because of higher quality. The tensile strength at the point. And concrete adhesion.

In addition, the SD50 and SD40 are also higher than the SD30.

Because of the construction, proper use of materials avoids the collapse of the building.

Failure of construction and can withstand Earthquake Therefore, the use of quality steel will be advantageous.

Spending a lot of money on reconstruction in the later stages when buildings collapse.

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How to cut steel bars & rebars

Steel cutting machine is used to cut steel bar and deformed steel. The structure is very strong.

Usually used in concrete construction. This will improve the integrity of the plant. Steel cut Deformed iron may be difficult.

Because it is very thick. Requires specialized tools for this task. This will make it easier and safer to work.

The use of other tools such as fiber cutter.

Steel cutter

General steel cutter It is a steel cutting system using a steel cutting blade. Easy to sharpen and sharpen.

Because the machine is always heavily used. A good steel cutter must be able to handle the blade firmly during use.

It has to be strong and flexible because it has to be extremely stressed during work.

The machine must not fracture during the pressures and can not be made to lightweight until the bending of the pressure.

Typically, the components are made of steel and have a blade attached. The nut or clip is a holder. It also has security components.

When the user wants to change or remove the blade.

Steel cutter Deformed steel hydraulic system

Steel cutter can work in various forms. The battery or the gear.

The user must place the iron bar at the cutting edge to cut the two parts.

There are also hand-held steel cutters.

Which employs workers to cut. And drilling tools designed to cut through the steel to demolish the concrete.

The quality of each steel cutter varies greatly. The product should have technical specifications.

And display the highest grade of steel that can be cut. Some manufacturers' products may not be used for cutting thick steel.

While some can handle it fully. If the user chooses a non-quality device. The machine may not be usable.

And there is a risk of some damage and property damage as well.

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Selection of tools to bend steels in construction

There are three types of steel bar bending machines: hydraulic system, hand and hydraulic system.

Bending Machine

The most user-friendly machine is a hand-held bar reel. Available in all situations and inexpensive.

The hydraulic bending machine is more expensive than the gear system. It has a higher quality and safer life.

The task is to determine the use of steel bending machine. For occasional use Or bending the steel with a low diameter.

For not more than 12 mm hand bending machine is the best choice because it is low cost. The machine is a simple lever arm.

Rolled and slotted inserts. The arm and body weight is used to force the bent steel to collide with the stopper.

Hand-bending steel bending machine. Deformed steel used to make the casing. And sheathing up to 12 mm

It is also suitable for bending work in areas where there is no electricity. Or do not come in.

If you want to bend the steel larger than this. I want to bend several lines. Hydraulic bending machine Or a steel bending machine.

It's a better choice. The bending of the steel gear system is cheap that the hydraulic bending machine. It is less durable.

Electric wire bending machine, hydraulic bending up to 25 mm.

The sprockets may break when bending over. But the hydraulic bending machine will automatically cut off the power.

To save the machine when the iron over. I re-open the machine immediately. The use of hydraulic electric bending machine should be used.

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Why use manual rebar cutters

Steel Scissors Cutting steel up to 25 mm

Why use a steel cutter instead of a fiber cutter?

Cutting steel using steel scissors is suitable for users. Small steel cutter Or cut in a small amount. Or cut the iron in the area where the wiring does not reach.

Steel scissors with individual handle and gear Made from forging, it is strong and durable.

More efficient It is designed to handle heavy duty Heavy Duty.

The use of steel scissors. Easy to use. Just attach the jaw to the pedestal. Or steel platform With nail or nut

Insert the steel to cut in the slot. Then the long handle with the scissors. And cut the iron to the lack.

Because it is very easy to use. No need for lightweight, low-cost expertise, just like fiber-optic cutting.

Scissors cut iron is very popular abroad. Contractors especially want to reduce the risk of damage caused by the use of steel cutter.

It also reduces pollution in the job site or factory because the cutting of steel does not cause noise, dust and flames at all.

The impact on the user of the fiber cutter.

It can occur in many forms, such as dust from iron, which is caused by cutting. May cause itching, itchy nose and foul odor.

If the blade is cut off the scrap metal. May cause harm to the user. Wrinkles caused by rusty iron may also cause tetanus.

Cutting with steel fiber cutter is a very hot spark. If the sparks splash to the flammable material.

Or oil may cause fire. And if it touches the skin of the user or into the eyes is very dangerous.

If not used carefully. May be injured. Or fingers can not Therefore, the user should be skilled.

Always wear long-sleeved shirts, gauntlets, goggles and glasses.

Steel Slicer Scissors

Meanwhile If cut with steel scissors. The price is the same as the fiber steel cutter. It can cut steel faster, quieter and safer.

There are disadvantages that require a lot of cutting force. Especially cutting steel larger than 1 inch may require up to 2 people in the cutting node.

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How to bend stirrup steels

In the past, the contractor used a wrench to bend the casing, because it was easy to buy. Or produced by yourself.

Just cut gas and dip water. It is used to bend iron. However, users often encounter the problem of wrenching mouth open, so always buy new.

And also have the ability to bend iron as well. But today, the contractor is buying a machine for bending steel rods.

Because it is easier to use. There are two types of steel bending tools available today: hand and electric.

Bending machine

Bending machine There are many quality variations depending on the manufacturer. Mainly, it consists of a handlebar and a handle.

The steel bending can be about 6-12 mm. Some bending quality steel bender has a bending for steel angle. This makes it very easy to use.

To buy a steel bending machine should choose a machine with rolled balls made of hardened steel. This will make it cost-effective and long lasting.

Bending Machine Steel Hydraulic Cylinder

Steel bending machine Will work with hydraulic system. Suitable for users who want to bend steel in large quantities, such as large construction companies.

Or steel bending operator This hydraulic bending machine can bend steel much larger than the hand-held system. Bending in several lines faster.

And do not eat human labor. In a situation where labor costs are expensive. Bending machine, hydraulic casing So it started to become more popular quickly.

Therefore, the selection of bending equipment is very important for the operator. To work with time. And the higher the cost of goods.

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COPKO” Thai Construction Machinery sneaky sales surge in 30 countries around the world.

"COPKO" brand construction machinery Sneaky sales surge in 30 countries around the world.
Thai companies create notorious world Construction machinery, such as steel cutters. Bending machine And Lightweight Concrete Saws Export is the first of Thailand. Enter customers in more than 30 countries around the world. Continuing the international market. Brand COPKO to make the world stunned.

Mr. Thongchai Jittakompanich Managing Director of COPKO (THAILAND) CO., LTD, revealed that the company is the first manual and hand-operated steel cutting machine manufacturer in Thailand 30 years ago. Exhibited to foreign exhibitions. The opportunity to bring Thai crafts to foreigners to know. This is where the export of goods to the world today.

"Our new production line is a steel cutting machine controlled by a manual system and then developed into a machine controlled by the electrical system. The products are very popular. It is the first company to produce construction machinery for export in Thailand over 30 years ago. "

The company has continuously developed the product. Currently, there is a machine. Construction equipment includes many kinds of steel cutting machine, steel bending machine, plastering machine, bending steel sheet, lifting crane (hoist) electrical material loading, aerated concrete cutter, brick block machine, etc.

"All products are manufactured and developed by Thai engineers and craftsmen. Some may have imported some foreign technology. But it was adapted to work easier, more convenient is the price is down. While the materials used are quality materials that are internationally accepted. This is the reason why the national order of COPKO products has made the current customers in more than 30 countries around the world, such as United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, Egypt, Venezuela, Guatemala. Exports to Europe, such as Germany, Italy and Sweden, are also exported. In Asia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, etc. have also penetrated the African markets, including Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, Namibia. Which is believed to give the company 100 agents. "

Mr. Thongchai said that what makes the company's products popular is its quality. New product development such as the company can produce lightweight concrete cutting machine which is the first popular in Thailand. With lifting crane (pulley). For use in general construction. Whether it is a large or small project. For lifting materials weighing 200-300 kg at an altitude of 30 m and can swing material raised in a building or work area. Workers do not risk falling from high places. And safer than canned lifts. It's easy to use just the touch of a remote control, saving time and labor. Or will be a hydraulic bar bending machine. For the construction of pillars. Can be bent from 6 mm to 20 mm. Controlled by two ways. Or foot pedal It saves labor costs more work without damage. Can be bent at multiple lines at the same time, etc.

The company also focuses on after-sales service. Currently, the company exports 90% of its total revenue.

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