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How to bend stirrup steels

In the past, the contractor used a wrench to bend the casing, because it was easy to buy. Or produced by yourself.

Just cut gas and dip water. It is used to bend iron. However, users often encounter the problem of wrenching mouth open, so always buy new.

And also have the ability to bend iron as well. But today, the contractor is buying a machine for bending steel rods.

Because it is easier to use. There are two types of steel bending tools available today: hand and electric.

Bending machine

Bending machine There are many quality variations depending on the manufacturer. Mainly, it consists of a handlebar and a handle.

The steel bending can be about 6-12 mm. Some bending quality steel bender has a bending for steel angle. This makes it very easy to use.

To buy a steel bending machine should choose a machine with rolled balls made of hardened steel. This will make it cost-effective and long lasting.

Bending Machine Steel Hydraulic Cylinder

Steel bending machine Will work with hydraulic system. Suitable for users who want to bend steel in large quantities, such as large construction companies.

Or steel bending operator This hydraulic bending machine can bend steel much larger than the hand-held system. Bending in several lines faster.

And do not eat human labor. In a situation where labor costs are expensive. Bending machine, hydraulic casing So it started to become more popular quickly.

Therefore, the selection of bending equipment is very important for the operator. To work with time. And the higher the cost of goods.