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COPKO” Thai Construction Machinery sneaky sales surge in 30 countries around the world.

"COPKO" brand construction machinery Sneaky sales surge in 30 countries around the world.
Thai companies create notorious world Construction machinery, such as steel cutters. Bending machine And Lightweight Concrete Saws Export is the first of Thailand. Enter customers in more than 30 countries around the world. Continuing the international market. Brand COPKO to make the world stunned.

Mr. Thongchai Jittakompanich Managing Director of COPKO (THAILAND) CO., LTD, revealed that the company is the first manual and hand-operated steel cutting machine manufacturer in Thailand 30 years ago. Exhibited to foreign exhibitions. The opportunity to bring Thai crafts to foreigners to know. This is where the export of goods to the world today.

"Our new production line is a steel cutting machine controlled by a manual system and then developed into a machine controlled by the electrical system. The products are very popular. It is the first company to produce construction machinery for export in Thailand over 30 years ago. "

The company has continuously developed the product. Currently, there is a machine. Construction equipment includes many kinds of steel cutting machine, steel bending machine, plastering machine, bending steel sheet, lifting crane (hoist) electrical material loading, aerated concrete cutter, brick block machine, etc.

"All products are manufactured and developed by Thai engineers and craftsmen. Some may have imported some foreign technology. But it was adapted to work easier, more convenient is the price is down. While the materials used are quality materials that are internationally accepted. This is the reason why the national order of COPKO products has made the current customers in more than 30 countries around the world, such as United Arab Emirates. Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Lebanon, Egypt, Venezuela, Guatemala. Exports to Europe, such as Germany, Italy and Sweden, are also exported. In Asia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, etc. have also penetrated the African markets, including Kenya, Uganda, Ghana, South Africa, Namibia. Which is believed to give the company 100 agents. "

Mr. Thongchai said that what makes the company's products popular is its quality. New product development such as the company can produce lightweight concrete cutting machine which is the first popular in Thailand. With lifting crane (pulley). For use in general construction. Whether it is a large or small project. For lifting materials weighing 200-300 kg at an altitude of 30 m and can swing material raised in a building or work area. Workers do not risk falling from high places. And safer than canned lifts. It's easy to use just the touch of a remote control, saving time and labor. Or will be a hydraulic bar bending machine. For the construction of pillars. Can be bent from 6 mm to 20 mm. Controlled by two ways. Or foot pedal It saves labor costs more work without damage. Can be bent at multiple lines at the same time, etc.

The company also focuses on after-sales service. Currently, the company exports 90% of its total revenue.

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Source: Builder News Magazine, 2008