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Why use manual rebar cutters

Steel Scissors Cutting steel up to 25 mm

Why use a steel cutter instead of a fiber cutter?

Cutting steel using steel scissors is suitable for users. Small steel cutter Or cut in a small amount. Or cut the iron in the area where the wiring does not reach.

Steel scissors with individual handle and gear Made from forging, it is strong and durable.

More efficient It is designed to handle heavy duty Heavy Duty.

The use of steel scissors. Easy to use. Just attach the jaw to the pedestal. Or steel platform With nail or nut

Insert the steel to cut in the slot. Then the long handle with the scissors. And cut the iron to the lack.

Because it is very easy to use. No need for lightweight, low-cost expertise, just like fiber-optic cutting.

Scissors cut iron is very popular abroad. Contractors especially want to reduce the risk of damage caused by the use of steel cutter.

It also reduces pollution in the job site or factory because the cutting of steel does not cause noise, dust and flames at all.

The impact on the user of the fiber cutter.

It can occur in many forms, such as dust from iron, which is caused by cutting. May cause itching, itchy nose and foul odor.

If the blade is cut off the scrap metal. May cause harm to the user. Wrinkles caused by rusty iron may also cause tetanus.

Cutting with steel fiber cutter is a very hot spark. If the sparks splash to the flammable material.

Or oil may cause fire. And if it touches the skin of the user or into the eyes is very dangerous.

If not used carefully. May be injured. Or fingers can not Therefore, the user should be skilled.

Always wear long-sleeved shirts, gauntlets, goggles and glasses.

Steel Slicer Scissors

Meanwhile If cut with steel scissors. The price is the same as the fiber steel cutter. It can cut steel faster, quieter and safer.

There are disadvantages that require a lot of cutting force. Especially cutting steel larger than 1 inch may require up to 2 people in the cutting node.