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Selection of tools to bend steels in construction

There are three types of steel bar bending machines: hydraulic system, hand and hydraulic system.

Bending Machine

The most user-friendly machine is a hand-held bar reel. Available in all situations and inexpensive.

The hydraulic bending machine is more expensive than the gear system. It has a higher quality and safer life.

The task is to determine the use of steel bending machine. For occasional use Or bending the steel with a low diameter.

For not more than 12 mm hand bending machine is the best choice because it is low cost. The machine is a simple lever arm.

Rolled and slotted inserts. The arm and body weight is used to force the bent steel to collide with the stopper.

Hand-bending steel bending machine. Deformed steel used to make the casing. And sheathing up to 12 mm

It is also suitable for bending work in areas where there is no electricity. Or do not come in.

If you want to bend the steel larger than this. I want to bend several lines. Hydraulic bending machine Or a steel bending machine.

It's a better choice. The bending of the steel gear system is cheap that the hydraulic bending machine. It is less durable.

Electric wire bending machine, hydraulic bending up to 25 mm.

The sprockets may break when bending over. But the hydraulic bending machine will automatically cut off the power.

To save the machine when the iron over. I re-open the machine immediately. The use of hydraulic electric bending machine should be used.